Mappa Azienda Cinque Colli

Cinque Colli

The “Cinque Colli” farm is located in the countryside of Chiaramonte Gulfi (Rg), has about 30 hectares, of which 25 are planted with olive groves with 5,000 potted plants.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cinque Colli extra virgin olive oil is a monocultivar extracted from the Tonda Iblea variety, a dual purpose olive, both for table and for oil, typical of the Iblean territory. It comes from an unmistakable oil for its olfactory organoleptic characteristics. Medium intense oil With hints of green tomato leaves, fresh cut grass, green apple, and artichoke. Good balance between bitter and spicy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our award-winning oil is born from the iblei

The area in the Mazzarronello district consists of common land known for the cultivation of olive groves, capable of producing a high quality oil with excellent organoleptic qualities.

Olives processed into oil

Within 4 hours, the freshly picked olives are pressed and transformed into oil


The technologically advanced equipment, combined with the traditional and scrupulous manual work, allow the company to carefully follow all the oil-making phases, suitable for producing the “Cinque Colli” extra virgin olive oil.

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